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We offer informative workshops and training on regulatory testing and a better understanding of all things Dangerous Goods Packaging for example:

Why do you need to test?

  • Performance and Frequency of test
  • Design Type testing
  • Periodic Testing
  • Why is Periodic retesting important?
  • Inner packaging requirements
  • Test methods for small packaging, Large packaging, IBC’s and FIBC’s
  • Failure examples

And so much more.

Our aim is for everyone attending our workshop to walk out of the training with a renewed mind, attitude and excitement to apply their newly found knowledge on the work area.

We do workshops that cover the general knowledge of Dangerous Goods and we also do individual training to suit your company’s needs. Training and workshops will be held at dedicated venues throughout the year or can be arranged to be done in house at your facility.

If you would like to attend or schedule training please contact us.


If you have any enquiries or require any training or workshop please feel free to contact us:

Jenny Erlank